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Litigation Finance

At LBKM, we understand that clients are looking for innovation and flexibility in fee structure and finance.  Today’s high-stakes litigation and arbitration can be a drain on cash flow and an impediment to the successful pursuit of a meritorious claim.  For those reasons, LBKM’s attorneys have become extremely well-versed with respect to the litigation finance and insurance markets.  

Our team has extensive experience working with litigation finance.  In addition to assisting clients who are seeking funding for their cases, we also serve as counsel to funders by assisting them with due diligence reviews as well as providing advice regarding the legal, ethical, and regulatory implications of their work.  As a result, LBKM’s attorneys know the global litigation finance landscape exceptionally well and contribute regularly to discussions concerning the development of third-party litigation finance, both domestically and internationally.

LBKM’s expertise in the area of litigation finance allows us to:

  • Assess cases to determine suitability for funding;
  • Identify risks and valuation of legal claims;
  • Prepare claims for presentation to the funding market;
  • Analyze and resolve legal, ethical, and regulatory implications related to funding;
  • Implement and structure litigation finance and insurance agreements;
  • Independently review and analyze existing or proposed litigation finance agreements; and
  • Monitor and manage funded cases to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of representation.

LBKM is dedicated to serving its clients creatively and efficiently through the use of alternative fee arrangements that match client needs. 

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