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In the News Archive

  • June 20, 2007
    Shadow over Republican Nominee
    The Times (London)
  • June 13, 2007
    The Plan to Take Down Thompson
    The Politico
  • June 12, 2007
    Thompson will Take on Outsider Role after Playing Access Man
    The Washington Post
  • June 7, 2007
    Past as Lobbyist May Play into Future as Candidate
    USA Today
  • March 2007
    Legal Business
  • March 2007
    State Department Official Resigns after Pro Bono Attack
    Legal Business
  • March 2005
    A Fair Chance?
    A new asbestos law is proposed in the US. Romy Comiter and Martin Baach outline what it could mean - and its chances of success.
    Global Reinsurance
  • October 28, 2004
    Former Detainees Allege Torture in U.S. Custody
    USA Today
  • May 2000
    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Business Process Patents
    Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
  • September 23, 1996
    Patentability of Computer-Related Inventions: ‘Signature’ Decision Imposes Limits
    New York Law Journal
  • April 1996
    PTO Supports Software Inventions
    Computer Law & Tax Report
  • August 15, 1994
    Protecting Privilege in E-Mail Systems
    Legal Times
  • December 1, 1991
    Bulletproof Your Software Contracts
  • May 1991
    Feist Decision is Far-Reaching
    8 Computer Law Strategist
  • August 1990
    Why Lotus-Paperback Uses the Wrong Test and What the New Software Protection Legislation Should Look Like
    7 The Computer Lawyer 6
  • January 1990
    Look and Feel of Computer Software: What the Controversy is About
    Case and Comment