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Mission and Values

Our Mission: To provide outstanding legal expertise, litigation and dispute resolution, and uncompromising client service: to be a resourceful, principled, agile, and diverse law firm.

A resourceful law firm that employs sophisticated technology, a network of global specialists, and the deft legal skills of accomplished attorneys to deliver results to its national and international client base.

A principled law firm, unwavering in pursuing its clients’ objectives, uncompromising in its adherence to the highest ethical standards, and unstinting in its respect for the law and its rich traditions.

An agile law firm, lean, flexible, and rigorous, that works in focused and collegial teams of legal experts, delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions to its clients’ pressing problems—whether large and complex or smaller in scale but equally important.

A diverse law firm of elite attorneys from varied backgrounds whose combined strength lies in the breadth of their perspectives and the depth of their experience.  A firm that embraces justice, civic responsibility, and the knowledge that our individual uniqueness bonds us together in a rich community.

At Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss, we are focused on helping our clients succeed.  We do that by communicating in a frank and collegial fashion, and being tough, committed and smart.

Our Mission is to provide outstanding legal expertise, litigation and dispute resolution, and uncompromising client service.