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The core of any law firm is its professionals. We are proud of our team of seasoned trial attorneys, experts in complex insurance matters, sophisticated international practitioners, experienced prosecutors and criminal defense practitioners, experts in professional and business ethics, lawyers experienced in regulatory matters, and leaders in government relations. 

We draw on this array of expertise to staff each matter intelligently with the right people to achieve our client’s goals.  Our senior lawyers have practiced together for two decades or more and we have selectively added lawyers over the years who buy into our standards, our work ethic and our commitment to the profession.  That means that clients gain the benefit of experienced teams that have been through this before and know that they can count on each other’s skill and professionalism.  Clients can be sure that they are not paying for a learning curve or working with lawyers who won’t be around when a matter comes to trial.  Most of our clients work with us on multiple matters over multiple years.  They know that they can entrust their most difficult matters to Lewis Baach lawyers.

Adam Kaufmann
Jeffrey Robinson
Martin Baach
Cristián Francos
Eric Lewis
Aisha Bembry
Anthony Capozzolo
Jessica Buckwalter
Jack Gordon
Arthur Middlemiss
Waleed Nassar
Mark Leimkuhler
James Davenport