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Schulte Roth Forced To Aid Platinum Partners Liquidators

Ryan Boysen
November 1, 2018

Jack Gordon and Bruce Grace represent the liquidators in a matter where a New York bankruptcy judge said on Thursday over the firm's objections that Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP must turn over documents relating to its former representation of two failed Platinum Partners hedge funds to the Cayman Islands-based liquidators who are now winding the funds down.

Judge Chapman said she would order Schulte Roth to produce all of the documents sought by the liquidators, other than any records that are protected by the firm's attorney-client privilege with different clients.

"If you identify something else in good faith that gives you pause and you don't think you should have to produce, call up Mr. Gordon," Judge Chapman said. "Mr. Gordon, you'll be reasonable, won't you?"

"I believe I always am, your honor," Gordon responded.

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