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Firm Leaders Share Tips For Making Partner Post-COVID-19

Aebra Coe
January 12, 2021

Law360's Aebra Coe interviewed leaders at three law firms, including LBKM's Eric Lewis, on the changing ways that associates can demonstrate their value and engage with those in power in a pandemic-era work environment.

Eric Lewis, senior partner at international litigation boutique Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss, said his firm looks for future partners who are well-rounded, give clients confidence, exercise practical judgment and are entrepreneurial.

The pandemic has created real challenges to associate training and development, but it also provides insight to management into which associates take initiative and "who is just waiting for their inbox to fill," Lewis said.

"Many of our lawyers have used this time to step up, to master certain areas, to write and to show that they are on top of their cases and thinking ahead on them, especially as the partnership is spending time on the many additional management challenges of the pandemic," he said.

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