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I’ve worked with Guantanamo inmates and I’ll never forget their stories

Eric Lewis
The Independent
January 11, 2022

When I first began working on behalf of Guantanamo detainees in 2002, I would never have believed that twenty years after the first detainees arrived on January 11, 2002, there would still be 39 men at the prison, 28 of whom have never been charged with anything. Nearly 800 men have processed through the prison over the last 20 years, some there for a few years, many more for decades.

The ACLU estimates that 86 percent of the men who came through Guantanamo were not captured on any battlefield, but were sold for bounties in Afghanistan or Pakistan. Only 5 percent were actually captured by US troops. Nearly 100 percent were tortured, both at Bagram before they came to Afghanistan and/or at Guantanamo.

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