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Bankman-Fried agrees to extradition from Bahamas to face U.S. charges

Paulina Villegas and Tory Newmyer
Washington Post
December 20, 2022

Eric Lewis was quoted in the Washington Post on FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried's decision to accept extradition from the Bahamas.

Eric Lewis, a lawyer and expert on extraditions, said that Bankman-Fried’s decision to go along with extradition might have been due to his not wanting to spend months in a Bahamian jail, where conditions are notoriously bad. While Bankman-Fried has the legal right to challenge the extradition, prosecutors might view that negatively “when it comes time to look at both bail and a potential sentence.”

* * *

Lewis, the extradition expert, said Bankman-Fried will likely face a bail hearing if he returns to the United States. Getting out on bail might be difficult, he said, given that Bankman-Fried is a high-profile defendant, facing a weighty prison sentence and might have access to significant funds.

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