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Allen Weisselberg could get more time since the Trump Org guilty verdict required jurors to find he lied

Laura Italiano
Business Insider
December 17, 2022

Adam Kaufmann and John Moscow, both former financial crimes prosecutors, are quoted in this article on the possibility that a judge will give Allen Weisselberg more jail time than the five months promised as part of his plea deal.

He kept to his story that it was all about me and Trump didn't know anything," said Adam Kaufmann, a former investigations chief at the office.

"It was a nice try," added Kaufmann, now a partner at Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss, PLLC. "But they didn't believe him."

* * *

Ultimately, neither prosecutors nor Weisselberg's lawyer gets the final say at his sentencing.

"There's another party in there," said John Moscow, who prosecuted complex economic crimes for the district attorney's office for 30 years.

"A judge could say, 'You entered into an agreement before me that you testify truthfully. By their verdict, the jury found you lied,'" said Moscow, now senior counsel at Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss.

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