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Solutions for Change employee quits over 'inappropriate' request

Phil Diehl
The San Diego Union-Tribune
November 20, 2019

Jeff Tenenbaum, senior counsel at a Washington, D.C., firm that represents nonprofits, said Tuesday that it’s not illegal for a nonprofit to require employees to support its mission. For example, he said, Solutions could require its employees to lobby for a low-income housing project that would help house the organization’s residents.

However, there’s no low-income housing included in North River Farms.

Also, it is wrong to enlist employees to support something that benefits a private entity, such as the developer, more than it benefits the public, he said. The North River Farms homes will be sold at market rates and are unlikely to be available to anyone facing homelessness.

“I have some real private-benefit concerns,” Tenenbaum said. “This is a problem for sure, on its face.”

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