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Panel: Subsidies fraud post-Covid-19

26th Annual Transnational Crime Conference

May 9, 2024

Cristián Francos co-moderates a panel on subsidies fraud post-Covid-19 at the International Bar Association's 26th Annual Transnational Crime Conference taking place in Milan, Italy on 8–10 May 2024.

The panel will dissect the intricate landscape of subsidies fraud in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. The health emergency created by Covid-19 led state authorities and international institutions to allocate significant financial resources to companies, through subsidies and other forms of aid, to overcome not only the sanitary urgencies, but also the subsequent economic crisis. These subsidies were often granted through fast-track procedures with relaxed controls and unusual procurement processes. Did companies manage these public funds diligently? Has there been an increase in investigations of fraud and corruption because of the audits carried out by regulatory authorities after the global crisis? This panel will navigate the complexities of this topic, discussing actual cases from different jurisdictions, emerging trends, lessons learned and strategies to combat fraudulent practices.



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