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Meet the Manhattan district attorney doing battle with President Trump in court

Ann E. Marimow and Ellen Nakashima
The Washington Post
October 22, 2019

The Washington Post quoted partner Adam Kaufmann in its piece on Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance's investigation into President Trump.

Vance also was criticized for how he handled an investigation involving Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. After a two-year probe, Vance decided in 2012 not to prosecute the two for allegedly misleading potential buyers for the Trump SoHo condo and hotel development.

“I felt we should keep digging and looking at it because there was enough there, but that was his call,” said Adam S. Kaufmann, the office’s former head of investigations, adding that he respected Vance’s decision.

“At the time, he felt if you were going to go after Trump, this larger-than-life New York figure, you’re going to have to have the goods.”

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