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No Doom, Just Zoom

Eric Lewis
New York Law Journal
April 30, 2020

Eric Lewis writes in the New York Law Journal about the realities of practicing law, and managing a firm, from home during COVID-19.

After 35 years trotting around the world in an international disputes practice, it is strange to be trying to do everything remotely. I have now spent about a month operating from my adult son’s boyhood bedroom. Of course, many people, predominantly women—because of centuries of sexist roles—have managed significant careers working from home while also raising kids, managing households, walking dogs, and doing myriad other tasks. So, to clarify, I did not want to suggest that it was difficult or unusual to work from home, just that it was very different from what I had been doing for my career. Having hopefully redeemed myself from any suggestion of “Mansplaining,” I wanted to share some thoughts about how things are going now that lockdown has hit the one-month point with at least another month, likely more, to go.

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