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U.S. Repatriates Afghan Whose Guantánamo Detention Was Unlawful

Carol Rosenberg
The New York Times
June 24, 2022

Last year, Tara J. Plochocki, one of Mr. Haroon’s lawyers, described her client as “desperate to get home” to make sure his daughter gets an education. The Taliban barred women and girls from going to school the last time they were in power.

Mr. Haroon’s lawyers say that he rose above his circumstances to study economics at a college in Peshawar and gained fluency in five languages — the fifth being English, which he learned from his American captors. They described his affiliation with the Hezb-i-Islami movement as an inevitable outcome of growing up in refugee camps that were sponsored by that movement.

On Friday, Ms. Plochocki credited State Department efforts “over the past two months” for arranging the transfer and said the decision in this case “shows that no one, not even the U.S. government, and not even in war, is above the law.”

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