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Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss Files Amended Lawsuit Against Trust Services Company Amicorp Alleging They Are Involved in a Multi-Million-Dollar Real Estate Investment Ponzi Scheme Fraud in South Florida
July 3, 2019

An amended complaint filed on June 12 in Miami-Dade County alleges that Amicorp, an international trust services company, actively participated in a multi-million-dollar real estate fraud which victimized many Latin American families. Amicorp which is a firm that has offices in Brickell and New York City as well as Latin America, the Caribbean, India, New Zealand, and Hong Kong, markets itself as providing “a broad range of services to mostly corporate, but also high-net-worth clients around the world”, as stated in the company’s corporate webpage. The complaint alleges that another trust company, SGG, and a Swiss bank, Pictet & Cie, were also involved in the scheme.

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