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Case Study: Succession, Traitors and Many Coloured Lotus

London International Disputes Week

June 5, 2024

A case study of second generation wealth, sophisticated and calculating money men, off-shore funds, fast cars, Swiss banks and highland properties. 

Partner Tara Plochocki will join a panel of lawyers from LK Law, BRG, Myriam Fehr-Alaoui, NKF (Geneva) and Appleby (Cayman and BVI) to discuss the options open to a wealthy victim of fraud—when they have been duped to invest in the wrong assets.

The case study will consider using conspiracy claims, criminal proceedings, financial conduct investigations, insolvency procedures, and investigative tools in key jurisdictions to identify the best path to recovery for the client—especially when considering reputational, issues, cost and speed of resolution.



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