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The relationship between employer and employee is both critical to the success of businesses and individuals and fraught with risk and complications. LBKM attorneys have the experience and skills to help organizations and individuals navigate the complexities, manage the risks, and resolve the inevitable disputes – all with the aim of allowing our clients to focus on their missions and goals.

LBKM attorneys represent businesses, non-profit organizations, and high value employees in a broad range of employment-related matters arising under state and federal law. We help companies establish human resources policies and practices, negotiate and draft employment contracts, investigate and resolve complaints of workplace discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, and handle the often-delicate process of dismissing employees. Similarly, we assist highly valued employees with contractual and other matters as they join and leave organizations, seek to resolve disputes and potential claims, or engage in whistleblowing over violations of law and/or company policies. 

When negotiation and settlement efforts fail, we represent organizations and individuals in federal and state court, arbitration, and before state and federal administrative agencies. We handle litigations and arbitrations involving all types of discrimination and harassment claims--including age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and national origin--as well as claims involving disability and reasonable accommodations, equal pay, and retaliation. We have also represented clients in the prosecution and defense of employment torts, wage and hour disputes, breaches of non-compete and confidentiality provisions, and other contractual matters.

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